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74 Ford Gran Torino

1974 Ford Gran Torino

74 Ford Gran Torino in blue

Dennis buys all kinds of cars and finds clean, one owner examples like this beautiful 1974 Ford Gran Torino. This pristine coupe still has original interior and the original, freshly rebuilt 351 cubic inch V8 engine with 2 barrel carburetor. This car has the automatic transmission and all the luxury appointments that the “Elite” badge conveys.

1974 Ford Gran Torino  Elite fender badge

Top of the line model for the Torino series Ford in 1974

Intreior drivers bench seat and dashboard in clen '74 Ford Gran Torino Elite

Super clean and original interior on this ’74 Gran Torino

Interior badge on glove box

Almost a classic, definitely a survivor, this 74 Gran Torino Elite was luxury before OPEC pulled the plug.

'74 Ford Gran Torino right rear

1974 Ford Gran Torino blue with white vinyl top driver's side view

Dennis Buys Classic cars like this beautiful ’74 Ford Gran Torino

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